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Since: 2016

At Ostelea we are committed to quality education in the field of tourism and this is why we have opted to create a specific programme about Sustainable Tourism Destinations. We are relatively new but we are confident that our programmes will bring good results and will contribute to training professionals that lead the shift towards more sustainable planning and management of the tourism business.  The goal of incorporating a programme that focuses on managing sustainable tourism is for those who follow the programme to understand the environmental impact of the tourism business and to be able to propose alternatives for the sustainable planning and management of tourism. The idea is that at the end of the programme, those professionals will become ambassadors for responsible and sustainable tourism, regardless of the company they belong to.

Another aim is to ascertain the environmental impact of the tourism business in order to propose alternatives for the sustainable planning and management of tourism.

The programme aims to train professionals and senior managers to lead the shift to more sustainable planning and management of tourism, whether at the public administration level or within the private sector.

Forming part of the range of training programmes offered by Ostelea, this programme focuses on encouraging and training professionals on responsible and sustainable tourism. The programme, which kicked off in October 2016, is entitled the Master’s in Sustainable Tourism Management of Resources and Destinations.

Sustainable development has become a new paradigm, in both the public and private sectors, internationally as well as locally. In the tourism sector, this paradigm has crystallized into the idea of sustainable tourism, which focuses on the environmental, social and economic aspects of this sector. More and more public bodies, academic institutions, tourist destinations, companies and international organizations are concerned about introducing sustainability criteria into their policies. Introducing sustainability into tourism planning and management means reviewing not only the concepts but also the design of the products and the management of the tourist destinations, by applying new tools and strategies to enable more environmentally friendly tourism. Therefore, sustainability also becomes an indicator of quality, efficiency, competitiveness and innovation, which is capable of meeting the current challenges of tourism and of fostering development strategies.

The impact is achieved by raising awareness through the training of future professionals.

Currently, Ostelea is seeking to establish alliances with companies and institutions that share the same vision about sustainability and its importance so as to convey this vision to the different stakeholders who comprise the tourism system (we have as partners entities such as the UNWTO and the Global Compact, among others in the sector).

It is crucial for companies to identify which SDGs have high priority and to act on them by defining measureable, tangible, short- and long-term objectives.

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