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Type of entity: Large Company

Since: 2007

Renfe’s Atendo service contributes to promoting the right of all people to travel by train in optimum conditions.

The Atendo service is aimed at people with disabilities or reduced mobility as well as at anybody who, without Renfe’s help, could not travel by train.

This service contributes to SDG 10: Reduced inequalities.

The Atendo service was born in 2007 out of Renfe’s firm intention to embark on the path of accessibility by offering an assistance service to its users and to respond to our customers’ demands. This service has become one of Renfe’s main Corporate Social Responsibility projects.

The public that uses the trains is becoming more diverse every day; elderly people and people with disabilities are travelling more and are increasingly using trains to move around. Atendo increases the value and quality of the service provided by the company by assisting travellers from when they arrive at their station of origin until they leave their station of destination at their journey’s end.

The purpose of Atendo is to offer a specialized service aimed at people who have some type of disability. It is a personalized service, which guides, informs and eases the traveller’s access and transit through stations, as well as providing assistance when getting on and off the trains. As part of Atendo’s commitment, its scope also includes people with reduced mobility (PRM) who require the necessary assistance without which it would be impossible for them to access rail transport and who may require specific assistance in the event of an incident during the journey.

Atendo is a free service and is offered to all people with disabilities or with mobility difficulties. The entire cost of the service is borne by the company as part of its corporate social responsibility.

The Atendo service is currently provided at 129 accessible stations around Spain, of which 68 operate the service permanently throughout the stations’ opening hours, requiring advance notice that it will be needed at least 30 minutes before the train departs, and 61 stations operate the service on an ad hoc basis when given advance notice of at least 12 hours prior to the time of travel.

Atendo has been designed to be easy and convenient for the customer to request. A request for assistance from the Atendo service can be made when purchasing the train ticket, through any of the sales channels made available to its customers by Renfe (internet, stations, etc.) or by calling the helpline 902 24 05 05, a specific telephone number for the customer care needs of these passengers. Renfe has recently developed an app to enable the services to be requested via mobile devices.

The service is coordinated by a Central Management Office. This office is managed in its entirety by people with disabilities who, with first-hand awareness, strive to ensure a comfortable journey for our customers.

Ongoing training is one of the hallmarks of the Atendo service. The people who make up Atendo receive specialized training each year on accessibility with the aim of ascertaining the needs and expectations of the community of people with disabilities and those with reduced mobility and to gradually improve the processes for providing the service.

In its commitment to accessibility, Renfe is also involved in a permanent process of adapting its trains to make them more accessible. Renfe’s fleet of high-speed trains, as well as its medium distance trains and the CIVIA suburban network trains offer the passengers an increasingly solid guarantee of accessible travel.

Today, the Atendo service has become a way of acting, of improving the quality of the service we provide our customers. A service created for People and provided by People.

The assessment score from the quality survey conducted in 2015 was 8.55, among the highest for this type of service.

During 2015, assistance was provided on 631,106 occasions, with an average increase over the last two years of 11%.

The commitment to accessibility must go beyond current legislation and the tourism sector with its companies at the forefront must smooth the way so that each and every person who wishes or needs to travel can do so with the greatest degree of autonomy. Renfe has decided to work towards this goal based on the fact that it is a responsible company that is committed to people and it invites all the companies participating in this project to give it their backing.

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