Employability Programmes

NH Hotel Group
Relevant SDGs


Type of entity: Large Company

Since: 2006


Stakeholders involved

Community: people at risk of exclusion and/or in a vulnerable situation

Employees: volunteer coaches

As part of its Social Action strategy, the NH Hotel Group carries out international training, work experience and employment programmes in hotels for people at risk of exclusion, at all its business units. The participants in the programmes develop technical and personal skills thanks to the direct involvement of the hotels’ employees who, by accompanying and guiding the participants, perform the valuable tasks of volunteering and coaching

The NH Hotel Group’s Employability Programmes contribute to SDG 8.

The NH Hotel Group has a workforce of 21,243 employees of 139 different nationalities, located in 30 countries, thus contributing to country development by generating jobs.

In line with its responsibility-related commitments, the company promotes the professional training and insertion into the workplace of segments of people at risk of exclusion through its Employability Programmes. It therefore maintains a close relationship with NGOs and foundations which train these groups, identifying the candidates who will participate in the work experience programmes at the company’s hotels. In some cases, these candidates join the hotels’ workforces on a temporary or permanent basis.

In 2009, NH Hotel Group became a member of the Youth Career Initiative (YCI) initiative led by the international hotel association ITP to develop sustainable practices in the sector, providing training for young people at risk of exclusion in Mexico. The company is the only Spanish-origin multinational committed to this innovative international initiative with a high impact in combating unemployment among young people. Together with leading companies in the sector, more than 400 young people at risk of exclusion are trained each year at 53 hotels around the world.

Another successful initiative among the company’s Employability Programmes is the Sprint Programme, which arose in 2013 to meet the need to cover vacancies for qualified, core personnel within the Central Europe Business Unit. The NH Hotel Group awarded one-year employment contracts to young people selected and trained in the hotel and catering trade by the Tomillo Foundation, with funding from the Barclays Foundation.

In the Employability Programmes, the employees play a key role in training the participants, explaining to them their dedication for service and their experience in the sector.

Since 2006, 3,300 socially vulnerable people have benefited from the NH Hotel Group’s Employability Programmes and more than 1,000 employees have participated as volunteers, acting as their mentors and coaches.

Noteworthy NH Hotel Group Employability Programmes: SPRINT (Central Europe), Youth Career Initiative (Mexico), JINC Track the Talent (the Netherlands) and the work experience agreements with associations focusing on workplace insertion of people at risk of social exclusion in Spain such as Casals dels Infants, Cruz Roja, Fundación Secretariado Gitano and Fundación Síndrome de Down.

Results of the Employability Programmes 2015
Number of students trained 1.202
Number of volunteers 286
Agreements with NGOs 65

Tourism-sector companies which, like our own, are founded on a clear dedication to service, have the chance to offer training and employment opportunities to vulnerable sectors of the population in positions that do not require highly qualified professionals.

Together with partners from the third sector, we have the chance and the responsibility not only to provide access to employment, but also to foster the development of professional and personal skills to improve the employability of people at risk of exclusion.

In addition, through the contribution of employee volunteers, we can maximize the positive impact and generate shared value with this type of social initiatives.

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