PortAventura e-Healthy Programme

Relevant SDGs

Type of entity: Large Company

Since: 2014

The project develops different programmes to achieve the objectives:

  • Creation of the concept of the promoter of healthy habits.
  • Development of the Fifty-Fifty Fundación SHE programme.
  • Health “Pills”.
  • New “Training Room” for employees.

Our goal is to improve the overall health of the employees at PortAventura by helping them to correct their health habits and control the main risk factors for cardiovascular diseases.

Development of the Fifty-Fifty programme:

Fifty-Fifty was born out of an initiative from the Fundación SHE, promoted by Dr. Valentín Fuster, the Spanish Agency for Food Safety and Nutrition of the Ministry for Heath, Social Service and Equality, as part of its NAOS (Nutrition, Physical Activity and Obesity Prevention) Strategy, and the Observatory for Nutrition and the Study of Obesity.

The programme is run through training and motivational workshops, so that all the participants in the programme receive 10 hours of training aimed at promoting healthy living habits. The workshops cover motivation for change, managing stress, stopping to smoke, healthy eating and regular physical exercise.

This training is accompanied over the following 12 months by a group dynamic aimed at promoting internal changes and giving participants the chance to develop skills other than just knowledge that help them to better themselves.

This community health programme is coupled with a rigorous scientific assessment of the results, the implementation processes and the participants’ satisfaction levels.

Methodology: Fuster BEWAT score

The main result is measured with this score, which rates the five variables for study:

  • Blood Pressure
  • Exercise
  • Weight
  • Alimentation
  • Tobacco

It is a simple scale of 15 points to monitor overall changes in healthy behaviours and cardiovascular health factors.

The programme has a significantly positive impact on promoting cardiovascular health in the working environment.

  • Healthier, more motivated and satisfied workers means:
  • Increased pride in belonging to the company.
  • Improvements in the company’s atmosphere and organization.
  • A reduction in absenteeism.
  • Reduced accident rates and occupational illnesses.
  • An improvement in corporate image.
  • The creation of healthy and safe environments.
  • The creation of a benchmark in the sector and within society.

We consider it essential that the tourism sector shares responsibilities and goals in relation to sustainability; the SDGs are an excellent benchmark for this.

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