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Since: 2015

Since the launch of minube in 2007, we have always sought to have a direct relationship with all the players in the tourism industry.

We define ourselves as a travellers’ platform for travellers, but one that combines the desires of the customers with the supply of tourism destinations, public administrations, hotels, restaurants, industry professionals and so on. In our traveller DNA, we have always felt the need to work together for a responsible and sustainable tourist industry, where travellers’ experiences and recommendations could contribute to it, as part of a commitment shared by all.

Minube School is an online and offline collaborate learning initiative (c-learning) promoted by minube with the aim of co-creating a responsible and sustainable tourist industry that is committed to innovation and collaborative learning. It enables the stakeholders in the tourism sector to learn collaboratively and creatively from their experiences and contribute to developing the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Together, we at minube School collaboratively inspire and empower (+empowerment) the professionals in the tourism sector; we encourage business cooperation, as well as public-private and company-university collaborations; and we contribute collaboratively to stimulating Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in the tourism sector and to creating a better world.

The main contribution by minube School is the creation of a platform for dialogue and knowledge between the different players, whether these are tourism industry professionals or the travellers themselves. Thanks to this dialogue, it is possible to enhance areas for improvement, to correct practices that are not aligned with the goal of being responsible and sustainable, and to co-create the destinations we would like to visit or enjoy.

Through this collaborative platform, we can maintain this dialogue and give top priority to the practices that best contribute to this common goal. Knowledge and training are essential elements in order to act as pillars of the industry we are seeking.

The ODS we intend to work on are:

ODS 9: Industry, innovation and infrastructure. Technology gives professionals a big help when it comes to promoting knowledge among travelers. In the case of minube technology is the driving force of its platform. Thanks to the application of technology to the tourism sector we can innovate and generate new and more competitive environments, as well as more wealth.

ODS 17: Alliances to achieve the objectives. Every day we share our time with dozens of professionals dedicated to tourist promotion of destinations, hotel businesses, restaurants, representatives of public administrations, consultants, advertising agencies, etc. Through minube School we go beyond the simple labor and commercial relations and generate a collaborative movement to achieve, step by step, a responsible and sustainable tourism industry.

Minube School acts at various levels. On one hand, as an online platform it makes it possible to work in different sectors, such as universities and educational centres; research institutions; empowerment of professionals through knowledge; co-creators, where professionals share their experiences; innovation, an open space for the elements that define the new industry; and Better World, which includes all those initiatives that can serve as flagships for our business.

On the other hand, we create audiovisual content with contributions from the industry, including companies participating in the “Responsible Tourism: A Global Commitment” project, promoted by the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) and the United Nations Global Compact.

As a starting point, we have joined forces with Segittur, one of the most active state-owned companies in promoting innovation in the tourism sector, as well as with other leading actors in the tourism industry such as FITUR, Mobile World Capital Barcelona, Codespa, representatives of the European Commission, the Tides UNESCO Chair (on Sustainable Economic Development and Tourism), Meliá Hotels Resorts, Invat.tur, AECIT, AEPT, CETT_UB, Red de Industrias Creativas, Andalucía Lab, Universidad de Málaga, Amadeus, Ashoka, Unicef España, Sictur and the IE (Instituto de Empresa), among others. Each of these has joined minube School to contribute knowledge, share the most interesting projects in the area of CSR and work on proposals to achieve the common goal of creating a more responsible tourism industry.

In turn, all this is transferred into the “physical world” with multi-sectoral meetings where the professionals share their experiences and seek channels for collaboration.

Of special note are our minube Talks, organized in collaboration with different entities, such as FITUR, INTUR, Andalucía Lab, Mobile World Capital Barcelona, chambers of commerce, business associations and so on.

In addition, we have published a White Paper on Responsible and Sustainable Tourism with the collaboration of specialists from around the globe, which attempts to gather enriching knowledge that is transferred in turn to the online platform.

In addition, on an individual basis, we are contributing collaboratively to promoting the “Innovation and Smart Destinations” initiative. In this regard it is worth noting minube’s membership in the Mobile World Capital Barcelona innovation hub, as well as its collaboration with UNWTO and the Global Compact Sustainable Development Goals, the signing of the Code of Ethics, its membership in the Global Compact Network Spain, and so on.

Impacts can be tangible or intangible. In addition to the personal gratification felt by each member of the minube team from being part of this project, we are very satisfied with the above mentioned results achieved thus far.

The first has been the creation of an online platform ( that we hope will become a benchmark for the sector in terms of responsible and sustainable tourism. It is a very extensive c-learning tool that is constantly growing. The minube platform already receives 80 million visits a year and has more than 1.6 million visitors registered worldwide. We are conducting visibility actions to get them involved in this initiative, also through external partners. We are also working to raise awareness among them and empower them to foster the Sustainable Development Goals from the point of view of travellers, as well as in relation to the work of the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) on protecting children.

The second measure has been the publishing and launch of the White Paper on Responsible and Sustainable Tourism, in collaboration with FITUR, Segittur and Mobile World Capital Barcelona. See free download at Video teaser at: Thus far, we have achieved a number of more than 9,000 professionals on Slideshare as well as the impact of our coverage in the press thanks to FITUR.

In parallel with these activities, we have promoted numerous minube Talks. We have run 11 so far (in Valencia, Benidorm, Cantabria, Bilbao, Málaga, La Rioja, Almería, Huelva, INTUR-Valladolid, FITUR and Burgos), including notably those organized jointly with Segittur: minube Talks FITUR Know How & Export 2016 “CSR, Challenges and Opportunities for the Tourism Sector” and minube Talks INTUR Valladolid.

We have published white papers on each of these to share the key ideas generated collaboratively in each destination online: More than 500 professionals attended these events in person, in addition to those who were able to follow them via streaming. Also, we continue to weave together collaborations and to increase opportunities for more minube Talks and thus to reach more and more professionals.

We are also producing audiovisual interviews and minube Talks with prominent professionals, such as the representatives of the companies participating in the “Responsible Tourism: A Global Commitment” project included in this ePublication, and we will continue with other experts.

We have already arranged one with Juan Pastoro Antonella Correra, among others.

Another of the results obtained is the Medal for Merit in Tourism for innovation contributed to the sector, awarded by the Spanish Government to our CEO Raúl Jiménez in recognition for the efforts made by minube.

Our minube School team of Co-Creators continues to grow (we now number more than 70 professionals who have contributed content) and the door is open to many more.

Our appeal is directed towards anyone who thinks that the world deserves to be better, more responsible and sustainable, and believes this can be achieved through best practices in the tourism sector. At the end of the day, this industry involves human and natural resources, social and economic balances, environmental impacts, medium-to-long-term planning, etc. In short, we believe that through collaborating, we can generate a current of tremendously positive effects for our environment and for those we have an impact on due to our economic activity.

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