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Since: 2011

The travel agency Tarannà Viajes con Sentido was launched in 1994. It comprises a team of professionals who are passionate and enthusiastic about the world of travel. The firm’s philosophy from the very start was based on values which went beyond purely economic aspects.

In 2011, Tarannà incorporated CSR into its management. Its sustainability reports as well as its commitments, actions, carbon dioxide calculator and codes are contained on its website ( in the section entitled Tarannà Responsable, which is easily accessible to all.

Part of our agenda is made up of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs – United Nations 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development): responsible production and consumption, climate action, life below water and life on land, and, of course, partnerships for the goals.

Part of our daily effort involves passing on these messages to our stakeholders and encouraging communication. We bet on the team as a key element for success, on travellers-consumers who are aware of their impact on society and the environment, on a supply chain that is in line with our values and commitments, as well as on our own collaboration with the planet. All of them united towards a single goal: sustainable tourism.

Tarannà values

Sustainability, solidarity, professionalism, transparency, enthusiasm, innovation.

Tarannà supports the United Nations 2030 Agenda. Although we identify with several of the goals, we must highlight our special efforts towards the SDGs regarding climate action, life below water and life on earth as well as, overall, our environmental responsibility.

Supply chain and customers

Creation of a fact sheet on environmental risks in the most-visited countries. Awareness-raising among our suppliers and involving the travellers. Monthly updates sent to suppliers with all types of news about values linked to the environment, fauna and the local economy, among other aspects. Examples to customers: en Indonesia, the risk of destructive fishing (report); environmental pollution in India, warning about purchasing souvenirs made of endangered animals or plants. Warning about tourist activities with captive animals.

Animal welfare

We have made special efforts regarding trips or visits involving elephants. Elephants are wild animals and the methods employed to tame them are disgraceful (“breaking their spirit”). It was considered whether to share this information with travellers and advise them to make the visit using other means. The result was absolutely positive on the part of the customer. We also needed the Foundation for the Adoption, Sponsorship and Defence of Animals (FAADA) to check on the elephant shelters or orphanages, to assess the credibility of the project. We do not encourage or offer visits to zoos or dolphinariums.


The trip begins with many different items of information: travelling ethics, information from the country dossier regarding environmental risks for the countries, among other information. At the points of sale, a poster is on view showing the 10 steps of the good traveller, which includes caring for the environment. Involvement in leisure activities in the Tarannà Wood as a family and sharing with other stakeholders, such as suppliers or the team itself. Post-trip quality questionnaire featuring 10 questions, among which the ones linked to the sustainability of the trip and the conservation of the destination, stand out particularly. Travel documentation made from recycled paper and cardboard materials.


Incorporation of a new travel concept: bicycle routes. Additionally, it has already created responsible, sustainable and volunteering/cooperative trips, most of the latter type involving animal protection projects. Own website.


Green Office Plan. Improving and reducing energy use at our offices (minimum use of plastic, using recycled paper, LED lighting in the offices, selected recycling, using Kws Verdes certificate, and so on).


We are part of the Voluntary Agreement Programme of the Catalonian regional government’s Department of the Environment.

CO2 Calculator

Easy access provided on the website, where the CO2 per trip (flights) is calculated.

Environmental Issues

We have the Tarannà Wood Plot (in Sant Boi de Llobregat), where we compensate for our corporate carbon dioxide and, at the same time, conduct open-air leisure activities with the team, customers’ families and suppliers. Travellers can compensate for their own carbon dioxide in the wood on a voluntary basis.

Green office plan

  • 100% use of recycled paper. Reduction in paper consumption of 28.2% according to biannual calculation, 2014-15 / 2012-13.
  • Reduction of plastic 85%. Almost total reduction of purchase of materials in PVC.
  • Improvement in central office air conditioning. Ceiling fans that distribute hot and cold air are more stable and homogeneous.

Improvement of electrical energy consumption

  • Reduction of 2.88% of consumption compared to the previous year (2015/2014). Reduction in energy consumption of 19.43% in 2015 compared to 2012, first year of implementation.
  • The consumption ratio per person has decreased by 43.67% between 2015/2012.
  • All electrical energy used is certified 100% green.
  • Total company CO2 emissions (electric energy consumption – fossils), water, commercial transport, waste offices, calculator Acord Voluntaris / Generalitat). Year 2016: 5,41668 CO2 Tons.

Computer Equipment

  • Work stations. Composed of equipment with sources of low consumption (m-ATX). Energy Star by BIOS (ACPI).
  • Low consumption LED monitors. No CRT monitor (high power consumption).
  • Printers and multifunction printers. Laser technology and with energy saving function. Use of recycled toner for maintenance.
  • Water consumption. Reduction 2,17% per person (2015/2014).
  • All the energy consumed in the company is certified as GREEN. Cooperativa Som Energía.

Forest Tarannà Miquel Guerrero

Parcel of Sant Boi de Llobregat Forest, where we realize our compensations of CO2 and we develop playful activities linked to the environment. 16,000 m2 rehabilitated, and in these 4 years more than 750 seedlings of various species have been planted. Open space to local people.

CSR questionnaire to travelers

Questionnaire sent to travelers upon their return, which contains questions over the quality of the travel and of services, covering topics of destination sustainability, local economy development, environment and animal protection. After evaluating the answers to this questionnaire we have obtained the following results in 2015:

Seventy-one percent of travelers felt the desire to preserve the environment and save energy in hotels where they had been.

80.9% indicated that they did not notice excessive emissions of fumes in the vehicles that have transferred them.

94.3% appreciated good treatment in the excursions made with animals (horses, camels, elephants, etc.), unlike in 2014, in which the percentage was 44%.

94.1% indicated that in shops or places recommended by the guides they did not observe trade in animals or native plants (corals, stuffed animals …)

87.2% considered that existed a good balance between the use that has been made of the destination and the concern for its preservation

96.6% appreciated that the travel documentation is done without plastic merchandising (bags, suitcases …) and based on materials of cardboard and recyclable paper

Approximately 80% of the clients have been able to reject the visit of Fort Amber in India to Elephant Hills, after a detailed explanation to the client.

Cycle routes were incorporated in the programme in 2014, resulting in 1,340 km in 2014 and 8,291 km in 2015

Responsible production and consumption represent the key to the new business management philosophy that stands at the heart of the company’s triple vision: economic, social and environmental criteria at the same level of importance. Those are the new parameters of responsibility for the business world, everything else being obsolete.

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