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Tarannà Viajes con Sentido

Sustainability, an added value for everyone

Tarannà Viajes con Sentido is a travel agency specialized in long journeys. The agency was founded in 1993 by Ferran Marti, who is the current General Manager and who embodies the soul of its philosophy.

The company is made up of a heterogeneous, professional and expert team that is passionate about the world of travel. Tarannà’s philosophy from the very start was based on values which went beyond purely financial aspects.

Right from its launch, Tarannà placed special emphasis on making travellers “feel”, providing unforgettable experiences and involving them directly with the country they visit. To that end, it incorporated concepts that were already innovative, such as visits to communities less frequented by tourists and working with local suppliers, especially in Latin America, Africa and Asia, thus boosting the local economy.

In 1994 it launched its first photography competition, an annual event organized with the goal of raising money for social projects in the most visited countries, bringing together a good number of travellers, families, workers and suppliers, all for solidarity. It is still held today and is now known as a charity gala (1,200 people of all types of stakeholders attended the most recent edition held in December 2015).

At Tarannà we understood that the crisis which began in 2009 and 2010 was not only an economic crisis but also an environmental and social one. That is when the decision to incorporate CSR into management was taken (2011). More than ever, it was necessary to work with values; it was imperative to commit to sustainability, quality, collaboration, ethics and solidarity. These values had to be expanded to all the stakeholders: the team, customers, suppliers and, of course, society and future generations. All of this had one goal: sustainable tourism, sustainable consumption.

To achieve this, several improvement targets were proposed and shown in Tarannà’s reports.

A team that identified with the values of sustainability, collaboration and ethics was vital, as so was aligning a complex supply chain that is spread around the globe.

Related actions include visual panels at the offices with a ten-step guide for the responsible traveller, as well as wide and varied information on purchasing trips, traveller’s ethics, country fact files explaining environmental risks, participation in acts of solidarity, cultural and environmental acts (planting in the Tarannà Wood), information about protecting fauna and even the chance to calculate the CO2 emissions of flights booked.

With regards to the highly complex and varied supply chain, actions include the signing of the purchasing policy principles, the responsible supplier’s guide, the code of ethics, the detection of environmental risks, principles of the sustainable guide and even additional information provided through a monthly e-mail newsletter which goes deeper into these issues and explains the company’s anti-corruption values and its support of human rights.

We want to be a pioneering, innovative and productive company, but not at any price. Using responsibility and awareness puts us on track to evolve in a manner that is coherent with the planet.  And when the company improves, not just at the economic level but also at the intangible level of values, it becomes alive as a true element of social change, contributing indisputable added value that consumers today appreciate and endorse.

We invite the entire sector to become part of this type of companies.

Take the first step and the rest becomes reality over time thanks to the people who are part of the company’s daily operations.

All together, let us move towards responsible consumption.

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