Choni Fernández Veciana
Procurement and Corporate Social Responsibility Director

PortAventura World

Championing responsible production by the supply chain

For the majority of tourism-related companies, their suppliers constitute one of the key stakeholder groups  on which the efforts to  meet the aims of the SDGs, and to contributing in this manner to a sustainable tourism model, are focused.

When companies have a consolidated Corporate Responsibility policy in place, which includes an environmental policy monitored by an Environmental Management System, and requires the publication of an annual Environmental Statement and constant improvement in environmental behaviours, the time comes to extend these sustainability practices to the suppliers. PortAventura has taken a step forward in this responsible relationship with its suppliers and uses as a tool its supplier portal, which is accessible through the corporate website. The Supplier Portal represents:


It is a swift and transparent communication channel with all the companies interested in maintaining or initiating a business relationship with PortAventura.


This is the only way to register as a supplier, regardless of the product or service that the various firms may offer.


Through its portal, the company explains PortAventura’s environmental commitments and acquired behaviours and furnishes relevant documentation on environmental issues, such as the Environmental Policy, the Manual on General Environmental Practices and the Code of Ethics for suppliers, among others.

Guaranteeing environmental standards

The Supplier Portal also involves an authorization process for the companies registered there. The requirements include environmental forms the suppliers must fill in giving details of their best practices on environmental matters, thus ensuring the same strict standards as PortAventura sets for itself and at the same time encouraging firms which do not meet these expectations to implement measures to improve their environmental management. The best practices required in this area cover not only environmental policies but also training for employees about these issues and the use of environmentally friendly technology. All this is regarded as very positive if it is backed up by environmental and quality management system certifications.

Guaranteeing social standars

Moreover, these supplier firms or potential suppliers must demonstrate decent employment at their factories and workplaces, by completing the detailed forms included in this section. At PortAventura, we encourage them to join the United Nations Global Compact, as we consider that alliances are key in this aspect.

Through this project a network of sustainable companies is being created, as the goal is for these supplier firms to also extend sustainability measures to their own suppliers.

If we build this solid network in the tourism industry, we will manage to accelerate the achievement of the proposed goals and to ensure the sustainability of the planet for future generations.

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