Dra. Gilda Hernández – Maskiver
Director of Master in Sustainable Tourism Destinations and Regional Tourism Planning

The Ostelea School of Tourism & Hospitality

Training committed industry professionals

Ostelea, School of Tourism and Hospitality, is an international university institution specializing in the hospitality and tourism sector. The distinguishing mission of the institution is principally its contribution to the sustainable development of the tourism industry though training sector professionals who are committed to social, economic and cultural development.

The institution is an innovative college, which fosters ideals of sustainability and corporate social responsibility in the tourism sector. New solutions to urgent problems in relation to the environment, cultural heritage, economy and society are necessary and the education of future participants must be in line with these current requirements.

Our students are the key players in our educational work and are also the future of the tourism sector. Ostelea therefore promotes quality education based on practical and applicable knowledge, where fundamental values such as equity, tolerance to diversity, respect for distinctiveness, accessibility, justice, creativity and innovation are present in each teaching process.

Sustainable development of the tourist trade and the implementation of CSR policies in companies in the sector are not simply part of the content that the students learn in the different programmes offered but also have an impact on their practical activities as responsible professionals who are committed to the environment.

In turn, it should be stressed that Ostelea is one of the few tourism schools that runs a programme in which sustainable tourism is a key, core element. The Master’s Degree in Sustainable Tourist Destinations and Tourism Planning aims to train professionals and senior managers who will lead the shift to more sustainable planning and management of tourism, whether at the public administration level or within the private sector. Our main values include considering that the sustainable development of tourism is not just another alternative for management and planning but the only viable option in the current global situation.

In this way, Ostelea promotes awareness of these issues among the entire teaching and non-teaching staff of the institution. Responsible use of resources and respect for the environment is fostered in each of the school’s daily activities.

Finally, Ostelea has a financial aid programme for students in special situations who need assistance to cover the cost of their training and thus strengthen their academic and professional capabilities. This demonstrates that the institution champions education based on equal opportunity. There are grants programmes for specific communities and groups, for academic excellence and for academic performance, through which it aims to acknowledge the most brilliant students who have passed the entrance and registration process. The students, whether they are Spanish or foreign, with or without professional experience, are awarded these grants after a selection process carried out by the Grants Committee.

Another programme is the Ostelea grants programme for female executives. The aim of these grants is to encourage the development and consolidation of leadership abilities in candidates with an extensive professional track record by updating their knowledge, looking deeper into managing people and projects, and contributing to generating strategic and innovative thinking, so that they are able to lead companies and institutions towards sustainable growth built on adapting constantly to the environment.

We can say that in this way Ostelea, School of Tourism and Hospitality, aims to become a benchmark in sustainable development and CSR in the educational sector specializing in tourism, and it is succeeding.

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