Graciela Ramallo
Head of Internal Communications & CSR

By joining forces, we achieve goals

“As a cross-cutting goal, SDG 17 is essential for Iberia to achieve the rest of the goals that the company is committed to.”

Iberia’s involvement in social responsibility goes back to the company’s origin. If there is something that characterizes our company, it is the capacity and willingness to join forces to achieve common goals. We form alliances that serve to strengthen collaborative work and which contribute to SDG 17 of the United Nations Development Agenda, and also helps us to achieve the rest of the SDGs. Therefore, we identify different stakeholders and conduct an analysis on an ongoing basis to classify them according to their importance in view of meeting the goals and their ability to affect our company or be affected by us. Generating a shared vision and goals that prioritize people and our planet is an essential principle for us.

One noteworthy example is the alliance with the Spanish Committee for UNICEF and Amadeus in the implementation of the micro-donations. Through uniting the potential of two leading companies in the sector like Iberia and Amadeus, this project has raised more than 500,000 euros to support the UNICEF global vaccination campaign, “100% Let’s Vaccinate Every Child”, which is managing to increase the number of children who receive essential vaccinations in the most remote communities in the world, as well as eradicating polio and other illnesses.

The NGO Mano a Mano was founded by Iberia employees in 1994 to take advantage of the company’s aircraft’s cargo holds and send humanitarian aid to countries affected by natural disasters or wars. At the present time, Iberia has a close alliance with this NGO to achieve goals such as “Health and Wellbeing” by bringing children and their families to Spain where they receive specialized medical care they cannot get in their country of origin. The collaboration with Mano a Mano in addition helps us to achieve other goals such as “No Poverty”, “Zero Hunger” and “Reduced Inequalities” through sending humanitarian aid to projects in developing countries.

The Envera Foundation, formerly known as APMIB, was set up in 1977 by Iberia employees with children with special needs. It focuses on the protection and social and professional integration of people with physical, mental or sensory disabilities. Iberia collaborates with Envera to achieve social and labour inclusion through comprehensive care and assistance by offering tutelage, social assistance and educational support to people with disabilities who so choose or who have been orphaned or left homeless. At the same time, Envera contributes to their development and provides them with the opportunity to do work that is appropriate to their abilities.

Iberia also collaborates with the Spanish International Cooperation and Development Agency (AECID) in combating poverty and with the National Transplant Organization (NTO) to which we provide our service to make transporting organs to their destination quicker and easier.

In terms of environment initiatives, Iberia was the first Spanish airline, along with four other airlines, to collaborate in measuring air quality for scientific studies through the IAGOS project. This programme investigates air quality and its composition and is part of the European Union’s European Strategy Forum on Research Infrastructures. It was chosen due to its status as a leading operator between Europe and Latin America.

These alliances reflect Iberia’s commitment to its customers, employees, shareholders and the rest of society, to achieve at the same time the highest level of customer satisfaction, sustainable economic growth and the meeting of the millennium goals set out by the United Nations.

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