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Fuerte Hoteles

Energy efficiency and savings in consumption

The way the world is evolving seems incredible. With technological progress, in communications, transport, etc., we are witnessing a true revolution happening before our very eyes. But, as we already know, any breakthrough can also have some “side effects”, especially when it involves our planet.

And one of the main indirect effects of this evolution is the enormously well-known “climate change”, a process that must be borne very much in mind as it is happening and we are already suffering the consequences.

What can we do?

Let us say that remedying it could be relatively simple. Energy efficiency and savings in consumption, especially as regards fossil fuels, could be two very effective solutions. However, the trouble is when large companies (which are responsible for the bulk of this problem) have to apply solutions to attempt to reduce their impact on the environment.

In the particular case of Fuerte Hoteles, we have designed a plan to reduce the energy consumption of all our establishments. On our path towards energy efficiency and reducing our impact, we want to relate this project to the Sustainable Development Goals and the ten principles of the Global Compact, which we joined just a few months ago. In particular, we have aligned ourselves with SDG 13 (known as “Climate Action”) with several of our actions, notably, the project to replace traditional lighting with low-consumption, LED-type lights.

Over the three years during which we have been progressively implementing this project, we have noted a significant fall in the electrical energy consumed and our goal is none other than to succeed in entirely replacing all the lights at our six hotel establishments with LED-type lights.

We currently use the “Carbon Footprint” indicator to measure these reductions in consumption, which gives us a precise idea of how much we are reducing our impact. And we can say that the latest measurements already point to an 8.55% reduction in our carbon footprint.

At our hotels, the carbon footprint and the ecological footprint are calculated monthly in order to analyse the trend in the consumption covered by these indicators. We mainly collect data on our consumption of water, electrical energy and fossil fuels (diesel and propane) for the calculation, as they are the biggest factors in this indicator, and we state them per number of customers to be able to compare different times of the year. We express our carbon footprint, which basically indicates the amount of greenhouse gas emissions arising from our business, in kilograms of carbon dioxide per customer.

Applying Responsible Tourism

Our management model has always been based on the practice of responsible tourism. This way of experiencing tourism is so in line with our sustainable management philosophy that we could say that it is one of our key values.

This has enabled Fuerte Hoteles to be always at the forefront of sustainability. We have won awards at the local, national and international levels that are associated with the environmental management at our hotels, which we have been doing for decades.

This is why adapting to the United Nations Global Compact has been easy for us, as the goals pursued are a perfect fit with our way of understanding sustainable business management.

In short, we are very pleased to have undertaken this commitment, which is a new challenge to improve and to do our part for our planet. Through a reciprocal relationship with this organization, we will continue attempting to innovate and striving to work more efficiently to reduce the impacts deriving from our activities.

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