In 2015 the UNWTO and the Global Compact Network Spain signed a collaboration agreement with the aim of promoting social responsibility among companies in the tourism sector


The first important milestone was the holding of an event at Fitur 2016 at which the project was officially launched. It was the public presentation to the sector and the media of the commitment of the participating entities. The occasion was attended by representatives at the highest level from both the UNWTO and the Global Compact, together with the hosts of the event, IFEMA. We were accompanied by numerous companies in the sector, which showed their commitment by their:

  • Official signing of the UNWTO Global Code of Ethics for Tourism de la OMT
  • Official signing of the Global Compact initiative

The event also featured an interesting panel discussion in which success stories were shared by companies and experts in the tourism sector.

After FITUR, a working group was formed, coordinated by the World Tourism Organization itself and the Global Compact, with the participation of the 13 entities committed to the project. The main objective was to identify the priority SDGs for the tourism sector and to place the spotlight on the advances of these companies in terms of sustainability. To this end, a digital publication was developed highlighting the current situation of the tourism sector in terms of sustainability, which also emphasized the link with the SDGs and how companies can contribute to the new United Nations Development Agenda to achieve more responsible and sustainable tourism.

The third milestone was the presentation and projection of the digital publication, consisting of a microsite and a publication, at an event held on 19 September 2016.


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